This site has been prepared under the leadership of Türkçapar Bariatrics to provide healthy options for bariatric patients to eat after surgery.

There are carefully calculated protein value and caloric value in the recipes we have prepared specially for bariatric patients and people who want to eat healthy food.

Our team:

prof. Dr. Ahmet Turkcapar
İpek Saroğlu (Dietitian Team Leader)
Dilara Cetin (Dietitian)
Hande Alphan Karacaer (Influencer)
Başak Kipçak (Visual Design / Photography)
Berk Özler (Creative Director)

Bariatric Periods

Recipes with Livvy

Banana Bread


Swiss Chard Wrap With Grilled Chicken and Hummus

Baharatlı Çıtır Nohut|Baharatlı Çıtır Nohut

Spicy Crispy Chickpeas




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